***Boek – Handmade Books

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Titel: Handmade Books

  • Auteur: Sue M. Doggett
  • Uitgever: A&C Black
  • Pagina’s: 144
  • Isbn: 9780713667691
  • Editie: paperback
  • Verzending: past door de brievenbus
  • Inhoud: A step-by-step guide to making books, albums, journals and diaries by hand. It covers everything the maker needs to know from materials and paper to folding techniques and sewing covers. Large colour photographs are accompanied by detailed colour drawings to guide the reader through a range of specific projects, showing how all the elements can be brought together. The author also supplies a glossary and supplier list.escribes the techniques and equipment used in making books, provides instructions for making accordion books, journals, scrapbooks, and other projects, and offers a selection of artists’ books.

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